The Phoenix

I write poems, occasionally though, in both Hindi and English. This art is passed on to me as a heredity from my mother.

Here is a poem written by me in 2008:

The Phoenix

There is a bird
sitting silent on a tree,
gazing at you when you see.
In her eyes is a levee

The levee wants to tell
stories of the past,
sorrows of the last
people, left out in a blast.

The blast was to show
skills of the man,
which due to no ban
annoyed a great Pan.

The great Pan’s anger burst
and the world did shake,
forcing people to make
a yell “for heaven’s sake.”

The yell for heaven’s sake
could not stop the groaning.
After years of mourning,
at last came a morning.

The morning brought the Sun,
who made the night to hew.
A nice breeze blew.
And that Phoenix bird flew!

levee: a scene, Pan: a nature God, Phoenix: a mythological immortal bird


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