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Let not the value of the word decrease.

Here is my first poem of 2015:

Good times come, and bad times go.
Will is the arrow, and courage is the bow.
Pledge to stand, but not to freeze.
And let not the value of the word decrease.

A flowery path, may lead to a treacherous rath.
A covering of lath, may not hold the wrath.
So bid the easy bait an expeditious peece.
And let not the value of the word decrease.

Hopes are plenty, need hearts to be keen.
Ways are many, need eyes to be seen.
One good day, the devil must decease.
Just let not the value of the word decrease.

Give not up, nor pull one down.
Truth & beauty, reason & harmony; together form the perfect crown.
Let the mother embrace ALL with her healing breeze.
And let not the value of the WORLD decrease.

rath: an enclosure; peece: a farewell remark.


The Phoenix

I write poems, occasionally though, in both Hindi and English. This art is passed on to me as a heredity from my mother.

Here is a poem written by me in 2008:

The Phoenix

There is a bird
sitting silent on a tree,
gazing at you when you see.
In her eyes is a levee

The levee wants to tell
stories of the past,
sorrows of the last
people, left out in a blast.

The blast was to show
skills of the man,
which due to no ban
annoyed a great Pan.

The great Pan’s anger burst
and the world did shake,
forcing people to make
a yell “for heaven’s sake.”

The yell for heaven’s sake
could not stop the groaning.
After years of mourning,
at last came a morning.

The morning brought the Sun,
who made the night to hew.
A nice breeze blew.
And that Phoenix bird flew!

levee: a scene, Pan: a nature God, Phoenix: a mythological immortal bird